Managed Services

Borderless Protection

With the proliferation of mobile technology, corporate security has to evolve – and fast. Most businesses are still investing in costly large-scale security solutions that protect their infrastructure, mobile or corporate devices, yet neglect their data and people.

Dilignet’s Borderless protection mitigates this by providing a solution that protects the data, device and the users. There are several plans that provides you with a flexible solution.


Dilignet has various level of Borderless Protection support. Bronze, Silver, Gold level of Support can manage and monitor your user’s devices, data and user accounts in a robust and secure nature.

Information Security

Dilignet manages all aspects of data and information security, provides support and management of user data, provides lifecycle management of enforce security templates, secured access to corporate data and enables tenant key management.

Device Management

Have a requirement to manage a peripheral of devices, this service provides support for Windows, iOS and Android devices, including auto-enrolment, policy enforcement, as well as selective remote wipe techniques.

Application Management

Need to deploy those critical applications and manage the lifecycle either through the company store, traditional delivery or to mobile devices, this service provides end to end packaging and deployment based on your selected devices and deployment choices.

Identity Management

This solution will manage the infrastructure that controls your self-service password reset and single sign on to applications infrastructure. This solution will synchronise corporate identities and enable multi-factor authentication.


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