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Hybrid Datacentre

Thinking about migrating to a managed hybrid data centre?

Work with Dilignet and leverage our Step into the cloud methodology for your hybrid cloud.
Dilignet can help you develop and optimise your datacentre environment “Core infrastructure” by creating solutions that will help control complexity and cost whilst improving integration to the Cloud. Transforming IT from a cost centre to a business enabler starts with the Datacentre. As Cloud provides a lot of flexibility to environments, its important there is alignment and integration to current data centre infrastructures.

How can we help you?

Businesses that embrace Cloud can enjoy the full suite of benefits. Businesses can’t ignore the current state of on premise Core Infrastructure, ensuring these infrastructure components can work efficiently in a Hybrid environment. It does not matter whether you start with federating your Active Directory, extending your network or creating a management and security layer for integration of workloads, its important this is considered as Cloud is consumed. Dilignet uses a step-by-step approach based on the following services:

Hybrid readiness and assessment

Our Cloud consulting team can help discover your current state, requirements, business goals and suitability to move to a Hybrid datacentre infrastructure.

Hybrid roadmap and strategy

Designing a detailed migration plan starting from the first initial pilot to a step-by-step migration approach that will ensure you are ready to adopt Cloud from a Hybrid approach.

Hybrid datacentre migration

Our Cloud consulting team makes transitioning to the Hybrid environment easy as they are specialists that understand dependencies required to make the journey safe.

Hybrid Monitoring and Backup

Our Cloud consulting team will work alongside your business to ensure those business critical services in the Hyrid Cloud is monitored, backed up and safe regardless of placement.

Hybrid Workloads

Our Cloud consulting team will leverage the power of latest technologies to allow seamless placement and migrations or workloads, whether in a Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud.


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