Managed Services

Managed Cloud

The Microsoft Azure platform requires deep skill sets and experience to manage, Dilignet’s expert centre are all trained to work with Microsoft Azure to manage, monitor and provide customers with advanced support as it relates to the full lifecycle management of the Azure Cloud environment for your business requirements.

Dilignet Azure Cloud Managed Service offers a flexible approach to support your needs all designed to provide you with a flexible solution.


Dilignet has various level of Azure Cloud support. Bronze, Silver, Gold level of Support can manage and monitor your Cloud environment to ensure the platform provides the robustness and flexibility needed.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Using Cloud as a disaster recovery or backup target is a common scenario for most organisations, but having this managed as a service provides advantages and reduces the RPO and RTO times. As Dilignet about our standard rates per VM to backup or provide disaster recovery in the Cloud.

Financial Management

Most customers are concerned about billing, determining which services are consuming the most meterage. Dilignet provides this breakdown in real time, and uses machine learning and analytics to adequately predict your spend.

Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) provides a new way to deploy and manage your Azure solutions. Lifecycle management of this deployment becomes critical, with template revision and releases paramount to ensure your deployment stays current and efficient. Dilignet expert centre is trained to look after this for our customers.

Optimisation and Security

Cloud services requires constant monitoring, management and optimisation to ensure the services run smoothly adhering to performance. Dilignet provides optimisation managed services to ensure your Azure environment runs as expected and any issues highlighted and remediated.


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