Managed Services

Modern Workplace Management

The Microsoft Office 365 solution provides key building blocks for customers and enables increased productivity to businesses. Dilignet’s Office 365 Managed Services is a robust outsourced service, providing end to end management of the Office 365 Cloud service including all components and activations. The intention of this solution is to ensure your internal staff are focused on higher valued business orientated tasks.

Dilignet’s Office 365 Cloud Managed Service offers a flexible approach to support your needs all designed to provide you with a flexible solution.


Dilignet has various level of Office 365 Cloud support. Bronze, Silver, Gold level of Support can manage and monitor your Cloud environment to ensure the platform provides the robustness and flexibility needed.

User Provisioning

Sitting on top of the base support agreement, Dilignet can provide user management of the Office 365 solution. Activation and Deactivating users and services within the Office 365 solution can impact on financial management and licensing. Dilignet user provisioning services provides this coverage and removes this process from your business.

Financial Management

Most customer can be concerned about billing and the per user per month charge, determining which services are consuming the most metered. Dilignet provides this breakdown in real time, and uses machine learning and analytics to adequately predict your spend.

Component Activation and Management

Office 365 has many components from Exchange, SharePoint to Skype to name a few. The Dilignet component activation and management service provides a credit system to activate and manage each component when your business is ready to consume, therefore ensuring your organisation is only paying for the services activated at any given time.

Optimisation and Security

The Office 365 Cloud services requires constant monitoring, management and optimisation to ensure the services run smoothly adhering to performance. Dilignet provides optimisation managed services to ensure your Office 365 environment runs as expected and any issues highlighted and remediated.


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