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Modern Workplace

Thinking about modernising your workplace?

Work with Dilignet to modernise your workplace leveraging the latest generation of cloud technologies and aligning to Dilignet’s Step into the cloud methodology for workplace transformations.
Dilignet has been the winner of Microsoft Partner of the Year awards for Devices and Deployments for two years in the row, and possesses extensive expertise across workplace management and security. This is underpinned by a unified management solution to manage all company and non-company owned devices regardless of location, to create a seamless experience across devices and work-space environments.

How can we help you?

Regardless of where current networks, data providers or device environments are, Dilignet can help businesses adopt a new modern workplace that provides robust flexibility, with a focus on ensuring ongoing service delivery is not compromised. Dilignet uses a step-by-step approach based on the following services:

Workplace readiness and assessment

Our Client consulting team will access your current environment to determine your business goals and mobility requirements so that you can enjoy the benefits of a modern workplace.

Workplace roadmap and strategy

Designing a detailed roadmap and strategy starting from foundational plumbing requirements to a comprehensive integrated management platform.

Workplace enablement

Our Client consulting team makes it easy to adopt a modern workplace by upgrading core infrastructure and systems in readiness to support the modern workplace.

SharePoint Transformation

Our Client consulting team will work alongside your business to ensure that your users can access and enjoy the benefits of a modern workplace.

Workplace Management and Security

Dilignet takes a holistic approach to user and device management by building systems and processes that provide the best user experience and flexibility whilst maintaining business security and control.


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